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God's Providence in the Founding of America

The Pilgrims who sailed to the new world in search of freedom and a better life originally planned to land at the mouth of the Hudson River. Driven off course by unfavorable winds they landed at Plymouth instead. Once a bustling Indian village, the pilgrims found the site mostly abandoned due to a recent plague that had wiped out most of the native population. There were thousands of possible landing sites but somehow they arrived at the the ideal location. Even more amazing, God provided the perfect helper, an Indian named Squanto. He had escaped the plague because as a 12 year old boy he was kidnapped by pirates who spent years in England, In the process, Squanto learned to speak English, became a Christian and became acquainted with European agricultural techniques. He arrived back at Plymouth six months after the plague and shortly before the arrival of the Pilgrims. Upon their arrival, the Pilgrims just happened to find the only Indian on the continent who spoke English, knew the basics of Christianity and understood agriculture well enough to help rescue the Pilgrims from starvation. 


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